Maleeka Ahmed dazzles customers with her jeweled vision of the world at her namesake shop. Maleeka (whose name translates as "princess") comes from an illustrious family of artisans. Her signature style integrates old-world design into a bold, modern and affordable aesthetic. Her eponymous lifestyle boutique on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn offers an array of clothing and handmade couture accessories from all over the world presented in a dramatic Indo/Parisian interior.

"To me the future is all about personal style. My effort is to offer women the freedom and the means to dress themselves in a completely modern way with simple, luxurious, beautiful and timeless pieces. My style is not about a season but is everything I stand for, building a wardrobe by playing with old and new pieces that can go from day wear to evening wear. I think that is what great style is all about - the confidence to be true to oneself. These clothes and jewelry are about the celebration of being a woman - from one woman to another."